The Cottonstir Shirt was born for a dynamic, cosmopolitan man who must always be ready to face everyday challenges.

For this reason, he needs a flexible item, ready to accompany and help him in his work, without forgetting to be elegant and perfect. The Cottonstir Shirt is, in fact, the shirt with its memory, an item that “remembers” to regain exactly its previous shape.


The main factor of the collection is Comfort.

Mens sana in corpore sano”, (a sound mind in a sound body), a shirt made with 100% cotton stretch fabrics that fit perfectly, giving a freshness and well-being sensation all day long.

An extremely comfortable item, always elegant. The beauty of freedom.


Fabric with a high performance, comfort and with an immaculate versatility.

It redraws and models lines and profiles interpreting the figure with a precise and slim look. Pleasant and fresh hand combined with a high breathable feature: the air circulation between the fibers. It’s breathable proprieties ensurea greater freshness and hygene. Quick and easy care with extremely quick drying time.

The reduced thickness of 50% comparedto similar fabrics makes the garment very light and very easy to wear.