The “Made to Measure” service started in 1998 to give the shirt a tailored made in Italy “allure”, granting the brand a great prestige. Thanks to the “just-in-time” logic, the made to measure shirt is produced within seven days only.
The strong “know-how” and the vast specialization of the production line allow a total customization . Not only as regards the size, but also the style. A wide choice of collars, 9 different available shapes, make this product polyhedral and extremely versatile.


The same choice is available also as regards cuffs. Seven different types including traditional two-buttoned cuffs, double cuffs, convertibles and vertical button holes. Our customer, thanks to the multimedia performances of the “ingram made to measure” program, can create his own personal shirt in a simple and immediate way.

“Homo faber camiciae suae” (Man, shaper of his own shirt).


The attention to quality and research positively influences the wide choice of fabrics :more than 200 available articles. New fabrics, innovative, with an eye to new market trends, and of great quality, represent one more success factor in the made to measure service. Customization and expertise move unison realizing an exclusive product that meets the expectations of those who choose it.


Ingram proposes buttons, with four-holes and parallel stitching. Embroidered initials can be selected among a vast choice of fonts and also their position on the shirt.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”. Aristotele