The Inghirami Group began working with Action Aid in spring 2016, with the INGRAM brand, marrying an international project dedicated to the fight against violence against women.

This is the project We Go! – “Womens Economic Independence & Growth Opportunity” – which aims to strengthen the interventions in support of women who suffer domestic violence in Europe. In 2014 the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights – FRA) estimated that 22% of women suffer physical violence and / or sexual violence by their partner hand.


Intimate partner violence is a widespread problem in Europe. Based on data gathered by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), 1 in 4 women is physically or sexually abused by her own partner.

Women living in violent relationships often don’t break them off, as they lack financial independence and wouldn’t be able to provide for themselves and their children. Moreover, financial support programs are often amongst the most sacrificed activities led by anti-violence centres, due to the lack of human and financial resources.

The two-year long WE GO! project (2016-2018) aims to improve programs addressed to women who experience the intimate partner violence in Europe, with a special focus on activities led by anti-violence centres and promoting women’s economic empowerment.

The project’s methodology will be based on two main components: the exchange of experiences and the identification of good practices. These methodologies will be tailored to national context in which the project will be implemented, and to the requirements the anti-violence centres involved may have.